Chamberlin Co. Celebrates 122 Years of Business

2019 marks Chamberlin's 122nd anniversary. It all started with John Chamberlin and his 1890 patent on one of the nation's first metal weather stripping products. After many years of work, the Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Company was incorporated in 1897 and later renamed Chamberlin Company of America.

The company based their home offices in Detroit, Michigan and had over 100 branches throughout the U.S. In the early years, Chamberlin Co. was a pioneer in the research and development of more efficient weatherstripping in an effort to conserve energy. The company previously designed, engineered, produced and installed various types of windows, awnings and metal weatherstripping for commercial and residential customers.

Chamberlin Co. had an office near the Sears Roebuck store on West North Avenue in the 1950's and moved to it's present location at 1409 Wauwatosa Avenue where they took over the IGA food store. In 1960 Ken Nolan and Don Graham bought the rights to the Chamberlin name. Ken and Don retired in 1981 and the sons Tim Nolan and Terry Graham bought the company from their fathers. Terry retired in 2008. Tim and his wife Denise now own the company and are still located at 1409 Wauwatosa Ave. in the village of Wauwatosa.

Chamberlin Co currently offers roofing, gutters, siding, awnings, railings, windows and doors. Have a look at our work »

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